Somatic Finance® 5 Minute Try Its

Somatic Finance® is experienced as a Path of Practice. Embodying the principles of Somatic Finance requires building muscles with practice, so that the wisdom of our body joins the wisdom of our mind.

While not separate, it is only with practice that we become fully aware that our mind and body are one. It is only with practice that our body is invited to serve our mind and our mind is invited to serve our body.

Five-minute try it’s are short and powerful practices on your path to financial integrity. We encourage you to just try it and see how strong your Somatic Finance muscles can be!

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Five-Minute Try-It: Clean Up and Fill Up

Purpose – Sometimes we benefit from a simple clean up and fill up. Clean up is a way of letting go – of whatever is ready to leave your experience (e.g. literal dirt, or a feeling, thought, or belief). Fill up is a way of receiving whatever nourishes you now and going forward (body oil, vibrant energy, warmth, positivity, love).

Preparation – This practice can be experienced anywhere, as long as you have imagination. For ease, try the shower for the benefit of direct water flow supporting the practice. So to prepare, get naked!

Minute one: Allow water to wash over your head and feel the sensation of water running all over your body. Appreciate the flow of water.

Minute two: Imagine an opening at the top of your head with a channel moving down all the way through your body into the floor. Allow water to cleanse you from the top of your head to the toes on your feet. Feel the flow of clearing and cleansing.

Minute three: When complete, rotate your head clockwise and counterclockwise to signal the cleaning is finished. Prepare for filling up.

Minute four:  Again, imagine that the water flow is directed to the opening and channel in your body. Feel and experience light, joy… patience J (whatever you want to receive) filling up your body beginning at your feet and completing at the top of your head.

Minute five: When you feel sufficient, again rotate your head clockwise and counterclockwise to signal the filling up is complete.

Complete your practice by luxuriating in your nourishment of cleaning up and filling up. Allow this practice to support you and recognize the support from water, a precious element from nature.

Five-Minute Try-It: Dynamic Dignity, may we all embody Dignity

Purpose – Developing embodied dignity sustains a vital nutrient and enables us to be present in challenging situations, particularly money situations.

Preparation – Reflect upon your relationship with dignity. Is dignity something you seek from the outside or cultivate from the inside? Consider our desire for respect from others; note where respect arises. Practice Belly, Heart, and Spine 5 Minute Try It to be familiar with these three body centers.

Minute one: With familiarity with the three body centers, ground your seat on the chair and root your lower torso through the earth. Focus your attention on your spine. Gather interest in your spine.

Minute two:  Gently roll your sit bones forward and back to emphasize the interest on your spine. Interest will grow to appreciation. Notice the movement, openness and a pleasant welcome to your spine.

Minute three: Appreciation will grow to admiration. The spine elongates and expands from the top behind the head and rooting down through the tailbone.

Minute four:  Admiration builds into confidence. Self-confidence grows with deeper roots and a wider spine – nourishing dignity.

Minute five: Confidence embodied in the spine creates a reliable source of dignity. Notice what stage of dignity development you embody: interest, appreciation, admiration, confidence or embodied.

Complete your practice by giving attention to your spine and experiencing directly the benefits of dynamic dignity.


Five-Minute Try-It: Appreciation…

Purpose – To become familiar with giving appreciation attention and how to practice spontaneous gratitude for others.

Preparation – Make a declaration to expand appreciation space. Then, commit to appreciating others when the inspiration arises.

Minute one: Get willing to appreciate with action. Wonder… hmmm, I wonder how I want to appreciate.

Minute two: Bring your attention to your heart and identify where appreciation lives in your body. What are the movements and sensations that accompany appreciation? Hint: usually tingles, sparky nudges, lightness, and smiles.

Minute three: Turn off your “judger” and begin spontaneous appreciation coming from those body nudges. Express out-loud: “I appreciate _________________” (fill in the blank). There is no formula or right/wrong.

Minute four:  Ramp up your appreciation by letting loose and not holding back. Have fun expressing gratitude and notice how it feels in your body to appreciate.

Minute five:  Self-appreciate doing this practice and notice that appreciating yourself or another has similar effects – generating appreciation space.

Complete your practice by committing to expanding your expression of appreciation in thoughts, words and deeds. Think gratitude. Write gratitude. Speak gratitude. Act with gratitude. Do kind deeds.

5 Minute Try It-Flourishing Feminine

To release pent up energy-known or unknown-and allow the body to “recalibrate” with more space and flow to serve what matters to you. If you feel stuck and unable to speak your truth, this is a helpful unsticking practice.

Don’t prepare, unless preparing serves you. Be open to letting it out. State “I am willing to let it out” Then, allow life to happen and when the urge to let it out arises,..let it out.

Minute one: Get willing to express yourself and move energy through your vocal cords. Get willing to look silly!
Minute two: Commit to gentle, easy and friendly expression. Make a few audible sound through your throat and mouth.
Minute three: Inhale through your nose and fill your belly and lungs. Release your energy through your throat, making pleasurable sound.
Minute four: Repeat minute three.
Minute five:Continue to express satisfying sound through your mouth as long as it feels useful and/or you are unstuck.
Complete your practice by noticing the sensations and space in your chest, throat and nexk. Make a declarative statement about your ability to express. For example, “I speak my truth.” “I release my limitations.” “I am liberated.”

Five-Minute Try-It: Practicing Practice

Purpose – To recognize the difference between understanding an issue cognitively and engaging a practice to make better choices and build new muscles.

Preparation – Choose play and presence as a new practice to try out. Retrieve blow bubbles and wooden matches – or – improvise with your own play/presence props.

Minute one: Bring attention to your blow bubbles and the practice of play. Notice the interior of your body: thoughts, sensations (movement, pressure, temperature) and the entire felt sense of your body. How does your body respond to play?

Minute two: Open the plastic container of blow bubbles and begin to play with the bubbles. Notice each breath blowing, and the bubble created. Pay attention to the action of blowing bubbles.

Minute three: After blowing bubbles for a minute, pause with awareness in your body. What sensations (movement, pressure, temperature) do you notice. If these sensations feel good, choose more bubble blowing. If your sensations don’t feel so good, choose to strike a match.

Minute four: Retrieve a wooden match from the matchbox. Pay attention to the slim wooden stick with the colored strike tip. Holding the box with striking pad at an optimal angle, take a breath, and glide the match tip over the strike area. Be fully present to the spark and flame; blow out the fire when your body indicates (i.e. the flame gets too hot to hold!)

Minute five: Reflect on your experience with striking the match. Describe your level of joy, satisfaction, presence, and attention. Choose to strike another match or not. Repeat reflection on your experience.

Complete your practice by recognizing the choice to practice, and the new capacities developing as you practice.

5 Minute Try-It:What is my embodied motivation:

To Access the Heart’s motivation on a particular situation, person or emotion. With practice you can gain clarity on what gifts are yours to share with the world.
Locate a silent place to access your hearts wisdom (e.g. nature, a place without texhnology, or a place of prayer.)

Minute one: Bring attention to your entire felt sense of your body. Begin feeling the sensations on your skin. Intend to open inside.
Minute two:Being home in your body, bring your attention to your heart with breath and your hands placed on your heart. Breathe gently into your heart center and say hello.
Minute three: Notice the temperature, pressure and movement in your heart center as you wonder, hmmm, I wonder what my motivation is regarding my gifts to share with the world.
Minute four: Staying in the heart center, go deeper with, what are my unique gifts that will be lost if I do not share them with the world?
Minute five:Allow your heart to experience this deeper connection, to feel moved, to feel the motivation of what matters deeply to you. Note, often a tender emotion of tears and joy emerges as a sign that truth is being revealed.
Complete your practice by committing to return to your heart for embodied guidance and wisdom. Allow answers to arise in all ways – which means sounds, images, colors – rather than just words, and allow answers to arise over days and weeks. Write down your discoveries. Stay open and curious.

Five Minute Try-It!: Abide in Flow

Purpose-Experience ease in moment, like the element of water!

Preparation-Access the sound of water flowing, in nature or at your faucet, or the Be Moved video.

Minute one: Allow the sound of water flowing to fill your senses. Rest your mind and body in the sound of flowing water.

Minute two: “Get closer” to the water. Visualize yourself in the water, as water. How does water feel flowing in your body? Notice where your body feels ease in movement. Notice where you feel tight.

Minute three: Focus on the tight places in your body. Bring the image, sound and feel of water moving to the tightness.

Minute four: Deepen the feeling of flow, ease and movement connecting all places and spaces in your body with water flow.

Minute five: Feel the spaciousness opening in your body, allow this feeling to expand.

Complete your practice by committing to ease and flow. When you hear the sound of water, stop, bring your attention to your body, visualize water flowing to the tight places. Experience ease. Experience expansion