Somatic Finance® 5 Minute Try Its

Somatic Finance® is experienced as a Path of Practice. Embodying the principles of Somatic Finance requires building muscles with practice, so that the wisdom of our body joins the wisdom of our mind.

While not separate, it is only with practice that we become fully aware that our mind and body are one. It is only with practice that our body is invited to serve our mind and our mind is invited to serve our body.

Five-minute try it’s are short and powerful practices on your path to financial integrity. We encourage you to just try it and see how strong your Somatic Finance muscles can be!

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Try-It: Desire Ignorance Rejection

Purpose – An awareness practice to become familiar with desire, ignorance and rejection patterns… relating to Stuff.

Preparation – find an item that represents “stuff” to you, prior to engaging the practice.

Minute one: Place your item in front of you – relate energetically to this thing by giving it your full attention. Notice what experience you are having in your body. What area of your body is activated and how?
Minute two: Give attention to the place in your body that is activated. What is happening? Does your response feel open or closed? Is there movement or stillness? Is the temperature noticeable?
Minute three: Staying with this space and your noticing, ask this part of your body: is this desire, ignorance or rejection, or something else? How am I relating to this thing?
Minute four: Still staying in the body space – not figuring out – allow your body to give you some clues. Indifference, sleepiness, dullness could be tending toward ignorance. Stimulated, seeking, anxious could be desire. Confused, frustrated, agitated could be rejection at play.
Minute five: Whatever arose last, be with the experience staying in your heart and generous breath. Ask your open mind and heart, “What is the highest and best use of this item?”
Complete your practice by allowing the answer to your wonder question to reveal itself – now or sometime next. When the answer arrives, take action with this thing and notice what happens to your sense of sufficiency.

Try It: Fear response? Melt-It!


Purpose: To dissipate fear and welcome connection. Special thanks to Katie Hendricks, The Foundation for Conscious Living, for creating fear-melters.

Minute one:

Become awake to your unique signature fear response: fight, flee, freeze or faint. Pay attention to your reaction the next time you feel scared. (This in itself is a huge practice; be patient and spacious with yourself.)

Minute two:

In a non-reactive state (meaning a time you are not scared), bring to mind your signature response (fight, flee, freeze or faint). Reflect on past experiences and recognize how your response manifests.

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Try it: Attention Flow to Work or Rest

Purpose: To gain familiarity with your preference to work or rest, and to bring balance to your movement.

Minute one:

Our bodies signal the ability to move (work) or the need to slow/stop (rest). Bring awareness to the felt sense in your body,

Minute two:

Notice your body temperature, movement and pressure. Take a breath. Ask your body with neutrality: rest or work? One is not better than the other. Continue Reading →

Try It: Spiral In – What’s Right?

Purpose: To loosen the grip of what’s wrong/requiring fixing, figuring, and futzing around.

Minute one:
Squint your eyes tight with just a sliver of light and say out loud “that’s wrong.” Notice how your body responds to “that’s wrong.”

Minute two:
Shake it off with a wiggle and jiggle. Open eyes wide. Declare – out loud – “this is right.” Repeat again and again and again. Continue Reading →