Somatic Finance® 5 Minute Try Its

Somatic Finance® is experienced as a Path of Practice. Embodying the principles of Somatic Finance requires building muscles with practice, so that the wisdom of our body joins the wisdom of our mind.

While not separate, it is only with practice that we become fully aware that our mind and body are one. It is only with practice that our body is invited to serve our mind and our mind is invited to serve our body.

Five-minute try it’s are short and powerful practices on your path to financial integrity. We encourage you to just try it and see how strong your Somatic Finance muscles can be!

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Five Minute Try-It!: Belly Heart Spine

Purpose – A foundational somatic practice to provide the essential nutrients of safety, connection and dignity.

Minute one: Set your posture – hips rolled forward, spine elongated, top of head lifted, chin slightly down. Feet flat on floor, hands gently on thighs, shoulders drop. Feel both grounded and uplifted.

Minute two: Bring gentle breath to your belly center, your Dan Tien. Visualize a goose egg size balloon expanding and contracting with your breath in the center of your belly. After several breaths, state: I am safe. I am grounded. I am strong. Source safety.

Minute three: Bring attention and breath to your heart center imagining a thumb sized diamond in your heart chakra. Notice the diamond facets shining bright in all directions from your heart.  After several breaths, state: I am connected. I am present. I am whole. Source connection.

Minute four: Bring attention and breath to the space just in front of the spine – from the sacrum to the back of the neck. After several breaths state: I am dignified. I am worthy. I am whole. Source Dignity.

Minute five: Notice and appreciate the nourishment your body receive from your belly, heart and spine in this moment.

Complete your practice by recognizing how Sufficiency in these three body centers is nourishing your body. Commit to embodying Sufficiency.

Five Minute Try-It!: Still Calm Spacious

Purpose – To build awareness about the concept of sufficiency and engage a somatic practice that leads to embodied sufficiency.

Minute one: State the word – Sufficiency – out loud several times in different tones and inflections. Notice how sufficiency feels in your body. Do you have a sense of lack? Do you feel ease?
Minute two: Open to the truth of sufficiency by slowing your breath and feeling this moment of stillness. Right here, right now. Access stillness. Be still.
Minute three: In the practice of stillness, calm arises. Breath slows down to a subtle rhythm and presence. Movement is slight, yet your mind is bright.
Minute four: Stillness and calm give way to space. Saturating in stillness and calm, recognize the spacious quality of your mind and body. Space permeates you.
Minute five: Abide in spacious, still, calm moments.
Complete your practice by recognizing this is Sufficiency. The concept of sufficiency is not just a concept but a way of being. Commit to embodying Sufficiency.

Five Minute try-It: Feel Truth in the Body

Purpose – To build a more intimate relationship with your body. Honesty is the highest form of intimacy, which leads to embodied sufficiency.

Minute one: Name three truths and three falsehoods. Do not fret for the “right statements” – spontaneously allow them to emerge. Write them down if it helps to remember.
Minute two: Stand, feel your feet on the ground, spine elongated, top of the head reaching to the sky. Select the three truths and state them out loud. Note, these do not need to be profound – eye color, favorite food and movie will do. Notice what truth feels like in your body.
Minute three: Remain standing. Speak your falsehoods out loud. State them clearly and loudly one at a time. Notice what a lie feels like in your body. Compare and contrast the feeling to your previous experience. (Hint: notice breath, tension and constriction).
Minute four: Return to your truth statements. State them out loud again. Pay close attention to the distinct and subtle body imprints that signal truth.
Minute five: Recognize and register at least one body feeling of truth and one body feeling of falsehood to build your body-truth relationship.
Complete your practice by abiding in body-truth. Commit to building your body-truth relationship in service of embodying Sufficiency.

Five Minute try-It: Sufficiency Practice with Breath

Minute one: Breath normally – comfortably without altering your breath. Notice your routine breathing flow.  Where is your attention?
Minute two: Now inhale too much breath so that your lungs, throat and belly hurt. Exhale so that you have no space left in your diaphragm. Repeat for several rounds. Notice your change in awareness.  Where does your attention go?
Minute three: Now inhale too little so that you feel a lack, perhaps a sense of anxiety emerges. Exhale too little. Repeat for several rounds. Notice your change in awareness. Where does your attention go?
Minute four: Return to your normal inhalation and exhalation. Recognize your sufficient breath. Begin to refine the quality of your breath sufficiency. Notice how much breath is sufficient in each moment. What happens to your breath? What becomes sufficient?  What has changed from minute one?
Minute five: Keep breathing in a pace and depth of sufficiency. Recognize that in each moment, sufficiency is different. When you sleep and when you are physically active, sufficient breath changes.
Complete your practice by committing to practice breath sufficiency in different physical situations and strengthen your sufficiency muscle.

Five Minute try-It: Feel and Deal

Minute one: Choose a particular moment in time that you are triggered or bring to mind a situation that reliably gets you fired up. (No doubt our current climate offers plenty.)
Minute two: In this activated state, place 100% attention inside your body and feel the pressure, temperature and movement. Just feel.
Minute three: Follow each sensation to completion. Stay intimately connected to the sensation – like a sweet lover you never want to separate.
Minute four: When your sensations dissolve into an opening, enjoy the expanded space in your body and presence of your being. Wonder what’s possible.
Minute five: Allow your body to offer creative ideas, expression, possibilities for action. Notice how your body responds to each potential action.
Complete your practice by choosing one action that lights up your body and committing to that action by a certain date and time.

5 MINUTE TRY-IT: We Can’t Take It With Us

PURPOSE: One of twelve MoneyMoves cards, this practice states that we are merely Stewards of what we own. With this truth, ask yourself: what is the highest and best use of the money I steward?

Minute one: Bring your attention to the entire felt sense of your body.Notice where you feel a flow of energy and/or where you feel stagnant stuckness.
Minute two:Contemplate where you invest your money. Is it aligned with your values – creative, aware and progressive companies? Notice your body energy. Are you flowing or stagnant?
Minute three: Contemplate investing in your development. Do you invest in your education, family, and dreams? Notice your body energy. Are you flowing or stagnant?
Minute four: Contemplate how you invest for today and tomorrow. Do you save for mishaps and do you keep your financial agreements (paying off debt). Notice your body energy. Are you flowing or stagnant?
Minute five: Contemplate how you share your wealth in the world. What ways and where do you give to others? Notice your body energy. Are you flowing or stagnant?