5-Minute Try It: What is my embodied motivation?

PURPOSE: To Access the Heart’s motivation on a particular situation, person or emotion. With practice you can gain clarity on what gifts are yours to share with the world.

PREPARATION: Locate a silent place to access your hearts wisdom (e.g. nature, a place without technology, or a place of prayer.)

Minute one: Bring attention to your entire felt sense of your body. Begin feeling the sensations on your skin. Intend to open inside.

Minute two:Being home in your body, bring your attention to your heart with breath and your hands placed on your heart. Breathe gently into your heart center and say hello.

Minute three: Notice the temperature, pressure and movement in your heart center as you wonder, hmmm, I wonder what my motivation is regarding my gifts to share with the world.

Minute four: Staying in the heart center, go deeper with, what are my unique gifts that will be lost if I do not share them with the world?

Minute five:Allow your heart to experience this deeper connection, to feel moved, to feel the motivation of what matters deeply to you. Note, often a tender emotion of tears and joy emerges as a sign that truth is being revealed.

Complete your practice by committing to return to your heart for embodied guidance and wisdom. Allow answers to arise in all ways – which means sounds, images, colors – rather than just words, and allow answers to arise over days and weeks. Write down your discoveries. Stay open and curious.