5-Minute Try It: Abide in Flow

PURPOSE: Experience ease in moment, like the element of water!

PREPARATION: Access the sound of water flowing, in nature or at your faucet, or the Be Moved video.

Minute one: Allow the sound of water flowing to fill your senses. Rest your mind and body in the sound of flowing water.

Minute two: “Get closer” to the water. Visualize yourself in the water, as water. How does water feel flowing in your body? Notice where your body feels ease in movement. Notice where you feel tight.

Minute three: Focus on the tight places in your body. Bring the image, sound and feel of water moving to the tightness.

Minute four: Deepen the feeling of flow, ease and movement connecting all places and spaces in your body with water flow.

Minute five: Feel the spaciousness opening in your body, allow this feeling to expand.

Complete your practice by committing to ease and flow. When you hear the sound of water, stop, bring your attention to your body, visualize water flowing to the tight places. Experience ease. Experience expansion.