5-Minute Try It: Belly-Heart-Spine

PURPOSE: A foundational somatic practice to provide the essential nutrients of safety, connection and dignity.

Minute one: Set your posture – hips rolled forward, spine elongated, top of head lifted, chin slightly down. Feet flat on floor, hands gently on thighs, shoulders drop. Feel both grounded and uplifted.

Minute two: Bring gentle breath to your belly center, your Dan Tien. Visualize a goose egg size balloon expanding and contracting with your breath in the center of your belly. After several breaths, state: I am safe. I am grounded. I am strong. Source safety.

Minute three: Bring attention and breath to your heart center imagining a thumb sized diamond in your heart chakra. Notice the diamond facets shining bright in all directions from your heart.  After several breaths, state: I am connected. I am present. I am whole. Source connection.

Minute four: Bring attention and breath to the space just in front of the spine – from the sacrum to the back of the neck. After several breaths state: I am dignified. I am worthy. I am whole. Source Dignity.

Minute five: Notice and appreciate the nourishment your body receive from your belly, heart and spine in this moment.

Complete your practice by recognizing how Sufficiency in these three body centers is nourishing your body. Commit to embodying Sufficiency.