Somatic Finance® 5 Minute Try Its

Somatic Finance® is experienced as a Path of Practice. Embodying the principles of Somatic Finance requires building muscles with practice, so that the wisdom of our body joins the wisdom of our mind.

While not separate, it is only with practice that we become fully aware that our mind and body are one. It is only with practice that our body is invited to serve our mind and our mind is invited to serve our body.

Five-minute try it’s are short and powerful practices on your path to financial integrity. We encourage you to just try it and see how strong your Somatic Finance muscles can be!

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Five-Minute Try-It: Get Interested

Click photo for video.

PURPOSE: Activate your interest muscle and experience the vibrancy of authentic interest.

PREPARATION: Be alone without interruptions; comfortable clothing preferable.

Minute one: Stand upright with a straight spine, mimicking a tall pine tree – a line of energy moving down from the heart into the earth and from the heart through the top of your head to the sky.

Minute two: Allow your eyes to wander, taking in the sights around your space. When your eyes meet something that attracts you, stop with interest.

Minute three: Sense the object or space with gentle eyes, looking with interest at whatever you see.

Minute four: What thoughts, feelings and sensations arise in your body as you deepen your interest in this object?

Minute five: Keep your interest on this object vacillating between the object and every experience that arises in your body.

Complete your practice by noticing what happens to the object. Is it separate? Compare this experience of interest with your typical way of being interested.

Daily 5-Minute Practice: Practice Getting Interested daily. I suggest you set a timer for three different times (AM, afternoon and evening) as a way to give full attention to getting interested.

Five-Minute Try-It: Chakra Breathing

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PURPOSE: We can live without food or water for a while, but breath is always with us.

PREPARATION: Journey with Gayle and breath, as we touch each of our energy centers.

Five-Minute Try-It: Connecting with the Earth – Lying Down

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PURPOSE: Build a deeper relationship with the earth.

PREPARATION: Lie down on the ground on your back, with knees bent and feet flat. Get comfortable in the lying-down posture. Commit to relaxing and releasing, fully and completely.

Minute one: Feel the comfort of being held by the earth, allow tension to arise and release.

Minute two: Return to our mantra – releasing, receiving, connecting, co-creating – speaking the words in your mind. Emphasize releasing and receiving as your body relaxes even deeper.

Minute three: Allow the flow of releasing and receiving to open your body further to earth connection and co-creation.

Minute four: Add connecting and co-creating to your mind’s expression. Releasing, receiving, connecting, co-creating. Pause after each expression to fully digest the body experience.

Minute five: Let go of the mantra expression and simply feel the relaxed, open and full relationship with the earth.

Complete your practice slowly sitting up, staying present in the sitting posture, feeling and expressing gratitude for the connection, and slowly standing up. Notice the difference in connection in standing, seated and lying-down posture.

Five-Minute Try-It: Connecting with the Earth – Sitting

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PURPOSE: Build a deeper relationship with the earth.

PREPARATION: Find a quiet place outside where you will not be disturbed. Build on the prior connection with the earth and the mantra: releasing, receiving, connecting, co-creating.

Minute one: In a comfortable seated position, feel your bottom connected to the earth and begin to access the tension and fatigue in your body.

Minute two: With each breath, root deeper by dropping, releasing tension and fatigue down, and receiving nourishment from the earth.

Minute three: Continue to release and receive energy, like an infinity loop between you and the earth. The earth matches your releasing and receiving, and this is how you connect and co-create.

Minute four: As your body relaxes, feel and start releasing, receiving, connecting, co-creating.

Minute five: Deepen releasing, receiving, connecting, co-creating. Notice the difference in your quality of sitting. What do you notice? Is energy moving in stillness?

Complete your practice taking three deep body breaths and committing to re-connecting with the earth while sitting regularly.



Earth Connection – Walking

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PURPOSE: To build a relationship with the earth through the feet using intentions of releasing, receiving and connecting, co-creating.

PREPARATION: Get outside either barefoot or in flat shoes.

Minute one: Become familiar in your mind with the words releasing, receiving and connecting, co-creating, to support a walking rhythm.

Minute two: Slowly begin to walk and with each step speak out-loud or to yourself releasing, receiving; feel the energetic connection with the earth releasing and receiving.

Minute three: Continue walking saying the words with each step. Notice the sensations in your feet and legs as you walk.

Minute four: Continue walking and with each step say the words connecting, co-creating. Build your connection with the earth through walking.

Minute five: Continue walking saying the words with each step. Notice the sensations in your feet, legs and body as you walk.

Complete your practice standing still while saying a final intention of releasing, receiving and connecting, co-creating. Notice your state of being as compared to when you began this practice; what has shifted?



5-Minute Try It: Serious Laughter

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PURPOSE: Generate more joy with laughter.

PREPARATION: Test run your laugh muscle and start laughing, about nothing in particular.

Minute one: Continue to run your laughter muscle and notice where laugh sensations are located in your body.

Minute two: Feel deeply into the texture of laughter. What is the temperature, pressure and movement of your laughter?

Minute three: What are your flavors of laughter? How do they feel in your body?

Minute four: With each question, pause and notice. What happens in your body after laughter stops?

Minute five: What is the connection between joy and laughing?

Complete your practice by staying open, curious and in joy – committing to finding the fun and laughter in life moments.


5-Minute Try It: Straws and Other Plastic

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PURPOSE: To gain awareness of our planet, and in particular marine life that struggles with human plastic use.

PREPARATION: Ask yourself, am I open to learning and seeing a new perspective? If so, watch my rant with an open heart and mind. Then, begin your own practice following these steps.

Minute one: Arrange your posture as described in Belly-Heart-Spine 5 Minute Try-It (click here for audio file.)

Minute two: Centering your body, reflect on this wonder question: hmmm, I wonder how my use of plastic serves me? Hmm, I wonder how my use of plastic serves others?

Minute three: Allow answers to arise. Return to centering, reflect on this wonder question: hmmm, I wonder how my use of plastic harms me? Hmm, I wonder how my use of plastic harms others?

Minute four: Allow answers to arise. What sensations (movement, pressure, temperature) arise in your body offering new information about the use of plastic? Allow new insights to arise.

Minute five: Reflect on this wonder question: hmmm, I wonder what new behavior around plastic would better serve others, the world and me.

Complete your practice by integrating your new insights and committing to a new relationship with plastic.