Deserving Mentality & Credit Card Debt

Did you know a deserving mentality causes the most credit card debt? I wonder…

This wonder question may ring true for you or you may go huh or you may say, no way.  With any response, get curious about the way you experience deserving energy.   First, this is an example of deserving mentality: I have no money, and my credit cards are maxed out, but I want this _____________, I deserve this _________, and I don’t care what consequences arise from my actions.  Results range from bankruptcy to high credit card debt to bad credit scores to mental anguish to anxiety to pay off debt and repeat to any number of harmful debt stories.

In worst cases, this cycle of suffering persists for lifetimes. In best cases, the veil underneath deserving mentality is opened and the beliefs and messages about deserving unwind. The energetic glitches that keep us stuck are moved and the truth of sufficiency, wholeness, and gratitude flourishes in our body.

Say hmmmm, and wonder… what does deserving feel like to me? What is your present relationship with deserving? I wonder…