More Health Ideas!

Are you ready for another inexpensive health sustaining practice? I wonder…

You have heard and perhaps indulged in an alternative therapy called Reflexology, an ancient practice of applying pressure to the hands and feet. I will not enter the debate on the efficacy of this therapy – I will share my own practice of “rubber ball massage” that I experience as invigorating and promotes my well-being.

Every morning I roll a small ribbed rubber ball on the bottom of my foot while standing as I brush my teeth or fix my hair. It touches sensitive points and stretches out the tendons and ligaments on my sole (maybe soul too! :))  My feet are important. They carry me where I want to go.  For the past few months, since I began this practice consistently, I notice more energy and that my feet are more awake. My balance has improved and continues to improve. If you are not concerned about balance, go visit any assisted living situation and become informed about the importance.

How connected are you to your feet? Do you consider your feet to be an ally to your health? What easy and low cost ways are you willing to explore in service of your health? I wonder.