When others suffer what’s your inspiration?

When others suffer, particularly at a distance, what’s your inspiration? I wonder…

The sun is shining. Family, our community, and the east coast are enjoying a typical easy transition to autumn.  While complacency is our state of mind, friends, strangers, and others in Colorado are in the throes of chaos recovering from torrential downpours and weather patterns never experienced before.  The floods have catalyzed natural human survival responses escalating fear. Calamities happen regularly throughout the world.  My initial fear response is paralysis; what can I do to help so far away? I’m just one person.  Then, the “I” softens to allow space for inspiration. Sometimes I am inspired to communicate directly with loved ones, or publish healing and supportive messages on social media. Sometimes I am called to practice meditation tending to the suffering of others. Sometimes I am called to write a check to support the present situation.  All responses are of value and matter.

When others are suffering and your heart is burning with care, what motivates you to take action? Are you aware of the value? I wonder.