Recycle Halloween Outfits

Do you recycle Halloween outfits? I wonder…

One of the best investments we ever made was a dinosaur Halloween costume for our daughter when she was five.  Many days over the next few years she donned that outfit and played and played.  Still in good shape, it became a hand-me-down for our son a few years later. It was a big and baggy costume so even though our children were growing, they still wore it. Fast forward to our son’s senior year in high-school –yes , senior year – he managed to squeeze into the costume (he would never let me get rid of it) for weird costume day with the high-school drama performance. I will not share the YouTube link to the dance.

As you plan for Halloween, and your or your child’s costume, consider the possibilities of many uses beyond Halloween and what that outfit might become.  How many new costumes do we really need? I wonder.