Right-Colored Glasses

“You’re seeing through Rose-Colored Glasses” is a sideways remark meant to wake up a person’s ability to see reality – the truth of a situation – rather than an optimistic spin. Rose-colored glasses may be a distortion; but Right-Colored Glasses are the 360-degree penetrating stark truth version, not requiring facial equipment. Since January I have been exploring a deeply embedded veil. It is no longer serving my evolution. This veil filters my world, and I see what is wrong. I’ve been spiraling in the landscape of life through my body and mind, seeing, tasting, shaping, and moving the energies of what is wrong… so that I can: fix it, make it right, take care of it, correct it, manage it, figure it out, smooth it over, clear it, release it, redeem it.

A very well-developed master of seeing what is wrong is revealing herself and fessing up. As I write this article I notice tender awareness coursing through my body. The temperature is pleasantly cool; pressure is locked in my shoulders; a pain resides in my lower back (I am now familiar with what it means to pull your back out, from moving my king size bed by myself); my breath moves rhythmically down to my belly and up my throat out my nose; tingles on my tongue and saliva pooling tell me – keep expressing. This revelation is the mother lode for me, right now. It’s a lot to take in so I am not taking it all in, but being with this in a gentle inward spiral, very different than a bolt of just do it, swallow this sucker.

My spiral reveals that there is another way. This other way holds an unwavering view of what is right. It’s not that I don’t know this view; I do. I’ve known and understood this view for many years. But I have not really practiced it and I certainly have not embodied it. The view of what’s wrong still had compelling evidence of its value. Now, not so. Spiraling in I feel the razor’s edge of awareness – softening with a letting go and a letting come. Let go of what’s wrong, let come what’s right.

What’s Wrong Permeates the Field of Finance

I’ve come by seeing what’s wrong “honestly.” Leaving alone childhood patterning, I can look to most of my adult life and all of my professional career: I have swallowed and wallowed in the financial industry. For our modern culture, finance is steeped in what’s wrong. It cradles fear as a touchstone for business and prosperity. I have known this for many years and until recently, I have been fighting against it as wrong: it is wrong to instill fear and doubt and confusion. I am now letting go of that fight.

The view regarding what’s wrong is wrong. Confusing huh? What I am letting come is a better way of expressing and sharing – generously. I am not here to save the planet and people from fear about money. Free will and karmic unfolding is for each being to embrace. I can point people to a new way of seeing, being and acting with money.

Somatic Finance™ opens this possibility as a new field of awareness, allowing whatever is happening in the financial systems to happen. The financial systems are right, because they are what they are. Yes, a favorite positive psychology professor from Harvard, Daniel Gilbert, who stars in a Prudential commercial, can generate fear or inspiration showing you that your rope of financial savings does not go far enough to last your lifetime. I’m not going to fix that commercial or anyone’s response to it.

Right-colored glasses tell me to express the truth – find my body, allow other energies to manifest, and trust that life is wisdom expressing itself to us. Fear has no intelligence and absolutely no truth when it comes to money. Fear is steeped in survival. If you want to release fear, particularly money-fear related to survival go inside (yes, your body) and play with the energies in your belly that are telling you that you cannot survive. Our body systems do not know the difference between a life-threatening situation – knife at the throat – or a perceived loss in being OK – the market dropping 50% and losing paper wealth.

Are you here? Are you breathing? Are you OK? Feel your belly space. Let your body answer. Inform the story-making mind. This is survival. Right here and right now. You are OK. Simple. Your belly will let you know what is sufficient. You can choose to practice this gentle activity or you can stir up fear-based stories about your rope of savings. (By the way, I am not suggesting that saving money is an unworthy pursuit; saving has merit. I am proposing that saving motivated by a fear of survival is a limited, distorted, unproductive practice.)

Whatever is happening is the Right Experience

Join me in the parade of this is the right experience. I admit this view is unusual and challenging, particularly in finance and for those of us who are well-nourished by seeing through a veil of wrong. But I’m letting come what’s right. This declaration has a hold on me. Until this view is embodied, I will be practicing Right-Colored Glasses. Please join me if you are inspired. You will need your body. Check out the Five Minute Try-It coming next publication for a practice to support you and your embodiment.