Wisdom Includes the Body


Knowledge is acquired by grasping things.
Wisdom is acquired by something grabbing us.

~ Brother David Steindl-Rast

The above quote came to my attention as I searched my files and folders for something else. Does that spontaneous strategic sidetrack ever happen to you? It was saved in my files a while ago… I love when these surprises arrive and divert my energy toward something better.

Some of you are aware I am writing a book about Somatic Finance. Somatic Finance territory is vast and the quote above meets one big issue presented in my work.

Finance is largely utilized and engaged in the world through the lens of knowledge rather than wisdom. Knowledge is a perpetual grasping of facts and figures to satisfy the head center’s thirst for more information. It is very common in finance to want more data to meet a perceived need than it is to try a different move.

A different move takes on more perspectives and definitely more territory, more territory in our body. Seeking of information comes at the expense of our heart and our soul. Heart and soul are not metaphorical or the lyrics to a favorite song. Heart and soul have visceral locations, enabling wisdom to flourish.

Wisdom has legs, application, spirit, and depth that knowledge supports.
Wisdom grabs our heart with connection.
Wisdom grabs our belly with vitality.
Wisdom grabs our spirit with meaning.

In money, what we think and what we learn come largely from books, professionals, analysis, magazines, media and more. These external sources are tainted with motivations that may or may not be of benefit to you. Knowledge cannot discern the difference between what is grasping for attention and what is grabbing our essence. Wisdom offers us a new way with money by engaging our body and sourcing body intelligence.

Every new move begins with a clear understanding of why, followed by somatic practices that engage our hearts and bellies. Powerful body practices available right here, right now, are timeless, priceless and our invitation to evolve our money relationship and our money world.

I can’t wait to introduce you to the power, relief and wisdom of Somatic Finance.

With joy and anticipation,