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5-Minute Try It: Moving Money Mess

PURPOSE: Release some fiery energy!

PREPARATION: Bring to mind an issue that arouses anger or frustration.

Minute one: Bring to mind a current money issue and intensify this issue with a strong visualization.

Minute two: With the issue feeling very alive, notice the area of your body that is most energized. Where is the energy located and what are the sensations, thoughts and feelings?

Minute three: Focus on that part of your body. Let go of all thoughts and bring breath to this area of your body with loving kindness.

Minute four: Concentrate your attention on these sensations and breath. Notice any changes.

Minute five: Feel the ease and expansion in this physical area.

Complete your practice by reflecting on your money mess. What insights arise? What is this “Money Mess” teaching you? Are you willing to follow the opening?

5-Minute Try It: We Can’t Take It With Us

PURPOSE: One of twelve MoneyMoves® cards, this practice states that we are merely Stewards of what we own. With this truth, ask yourself: what is the highest and best use of the money I steward?

Minute one: Bring your attention to the entire felt sense of your body.Notice where you feel a flow of energy and/or where you feel stagnant stuckness.

Minute two:Contemplate where you invest your money. Is it aligned with your values – creative, aware and progressive companies? Notice your body energy. Are you flowing or stagnant?

Minute three: Contemplate investing in your development. Do you invest in your education, family, and dreams? Notice your body energy. Are you flowing or stagnant?

Minute four: Contemplate how you invest for today and tomorrow. Do you save for mishaps and do you keep your financial agreements (paying off debt). Notice your body energy. Are you flowing or stagnant?

Minute five: Contemplate how you share your wealth in the world. What ways and where do you give to others? Notice your body energy. Are you flowing or stagnant?

5-Minute Try It: Your Money Whisperer

PURPOSE: To develop your capacity to turn off the Screaming Noise and Listen to the gentle whispers of your own wisdom.

Minute one: Be awake to the screaming money noise – of this moment.

Minute two: Fully aware of the noise, what center in your body (head, heart or belly) is most activated? Continue Reading →

5-Minute Try It: Ready to Spend

On your next moment of shopping or spending, try this exercise.

Minute one: Pause with the item(s) you have ready to purchase. Ask, “Am I satisfying a need, a want or a rush?” Continue Reading →

5-Minute Try It: Spending Pause

Note: this Try It is inspired by one of my MoneyMoves® cards: Ready to Spend. Practice this before you go out holiday shopping (or shopping anytime) and put it to use when you are in the moment of spending.

Minute one: With item in hand, in basket or in shopping cart, pause and feel your entire body supported by gravity and your feet. Gather energy in your belly so that you feel grounded and confident.

Minute two: Look at the item(s) you are about to purchase for yourself or for another and ask: is this satisfying a need, for me or the other? Pay attention to your body sensations, thoughts and feelings. What arises? Continue Reading →