Somatic Finance® 5 Minute Try Its

Somatic Finance® is experienced as a Path of Practice. Embodying the principles of Somatic Finance requires building muscles with practice, so that the wisdom of our body joins the wisdom of our mind.

While not separate, it is only with practice that we become fully aware that our mind and body are one. It is only with practice that our body is invited to serve our mind and our mind is invited to serve our body.

Five-minute try it’s are short and powerful practices on your path to financial integrity. We encourage you to just try it and see how strong your Somatic Finance muscles can be!

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Try It: Gratitude from the Inside Out

Gratitude from the Inside Out

Minute one: Center your body and locate your feet. Begin to massage your feet with your hands and give gratitude. How have your feet served you? Keeping the answers in mind, attend to your feet with kindness and care.

Minute two: Now locate your hands. Give your hands attention any way that feels good to you, (e.g. gentle strokes, pressure points, prayer, clasped together). How have your hands served you? Give them appreciative attention. Continue Reading →

Try It: Moved by Music

Moved by Music:  Breathe-Sway-Pause

Heads-Up … this month’s try-it may take you to the edge of comfort. And that is the point, isn’t it!? Try it, experiment, practice – to your level of comfort or slight discomfort. Find your edge, then try-it.

1.  Minute one: Breathe. While sitting, gently rock your pelvis forward and back and breathe through your nose. Feel the cool air enter your nostrils and flow down to your belly. Continue Reading →

Try It: Feelings are Friends

Feelings are Friends – FEEL Them!

1.  Minute one: Sitting or standing comfortably, bring to mind a situation that causes you distress.  Mentally intensify the situation.

2.  Minute two: Quickly determine what primary emotion arises when you bring to mind this situation. Holding this emotion lightly, take your awareness to your entire felt sense of your body. Continue Reading →

Try It: Be Body Present, Savor NOW

Be Body Present, Savor NOW

1.  Minute one: Locate yourself either sitting, standing or lying down. Feel the part of your body touching the floor, chair or earth. Breathe into your belly.

2.  Minute two: Begin to scan your body from your feet to your head. Begin by putting all of your attention on your feet. Notice the sensations in your feet… heat, pulsing tingles. Continue Reading →

Try It: Clearing Clutter

Clearing Clutter

1.  Minute one: Find an area in your environment that is cluttered (i.e. desk, car, drawer) that you want to organize. Select one area (pile or shelf) to clear. Check in with your body (thoughts, feelings and sensations) when you observe the clutter.

2.  Minute two: Get a trash can and two boxes (or other containers) Breathe and prepare to clear the clutter by doing one of three actions: put away, throw away, or give away. Continue Reading →

Try It: Embracing Space

Embracing Space

1.  Minute one: Sit comfortably in a chair. Locate your buttocks on the cushion and your feet on the floor. Lengthen your spine and bring your breath gently down to your belly center. Close your eyes if you desire.

2.  Minute two: Pay attention to your breath in your belly. As you exhale each breath, draw your belly firmly into your spine squeezing out all air. Repeat with each breath, paying attention to the core of your belly on the inhale and the exhale. Continue Reading →

Try It: Growing Gratitude

Growing Gratitude

1.  Minute one: Write unedited on a blank piece of paper the people, places, things and experiences that you appreciate.

2.  Minute two: Review your list and select one entry on your list to appreciate. Bring to mind a visual of your selection. Continue Reading →